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Star Bristol Business of the month - Bristol Aviation

At Bristol Aviation we work closely with airlines to meet their needs. As a group we can offer experience and a proven track record across professional flight training leading to newly qualified crew; provision of experienced crew and selection for key post-holders and aviation consultancy to name but a few.

Bristol Aviation are specialist providers of aviation personnel - a one stop shop for airline training.

Bristol Business Advice - Mera Peak expeditions

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Nepal's highest trekking summit is situated on the border of the renowned Khumbu Region, where it looks over many of the world's highest peaks such as Mount Everest. Although Mera Peak is especially high, the climbing is quite basic. This trip is perfect for those with basic mountaineering experience, a decent level of fitness and an avid sense of adventure.

Zatrwa Pass

The standard route to climb Mera Peak is via the Zatrwa Pass, but we like to go the extra mile and provide something quite different. We've come up with expeditions to Mera Peak since the nineties, and have crafted an itinerary that gets you off all the standard routes and immersed in local culture on the way. There's an added benefit to our route - it provides plenty of time to acclimatise so that you can properly enjoy the rewards of the last climb to Mera's summit.

Our expedition gives you the opportunity to ascend a Himalayan peak while going along a non technical path to the top.

Mera Peak is the trekking peak of the highest altitude in Nepal at over six kilometres above sea level. The sights from the summit are one of the best in the Himalayan mountains with five eight-kilometre peaks visible: Cho Oyu, Makalu, Everest, Lhotse and Kanchenjunga.

Our journey has been carefully designed to allow for gradual altitude acclimatisation. We think that by using this itinerary you will have a better chance of safely reaching Mera Peak and relishing the experience. As a safety measure we bring an oxymeter, a portable altitude chamber and a satellite phone.

This expedition would be appropriate for a climber going to the Himalayas for the first time or enthusiastic hill walkers with experience of climbing with crampons and ice axes. You can learn these simple mountaineering skills by joining our training weekend in Chamonix.

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